Miss Mallory Meredith's Misinterpretations and Follies (Obscenities Included!)


This is from a post I did in December 2013. The moment I took control of the wheel, I had to deal with my car almost dying on me and some other financial issues that swept my bank account. Basically, I focused on those things so much I forgot about the blog and just tried to balance out my life. Now, I’m starting the whole project over, and I’ve updated the post to match my age and thought process (not very much).


You’re probably wondering what this whole thing is about. Mostly because of the name of the blog, and I’m sure there will be some confusion involved… but it is what I came up with because of my upcoming journey within 2014 and into 2015.

Let me start you off to give you a little insight into who I am without all the insane details:

Silly is the new funny, so suck it.

Silly is the new funny, so suck it.

My name is Miss Mallory, and I am 27 years old. I currently have an a-okay job, but that is used to gather money because I actually play a lot of video games, write and read quite often, try to play laser tag at least five times a year, and I have such a large collection of scarves that I keep them hanging along my wall as decoration. I enjoy popcorn, hard cider, crocheting, anime, manga, and laughing at everything because everything is somewhat amusing.

And I love to travel. I have been to Norway, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Iceland, studied abroad in New Zealand for a time, and have been almost everywhere in the United States. I’ve been patient enough to gather money to visit California, and I’ve been crazy enough to drive to Chicago on a whim (I live in Minnesota).

I find it important to state that I am currently single. The reason for this is because of the journey I have decided to take, as I’m more than likely going to be making it alone: The Way of Saint James. I am incredibly excited to do this, despite everyone’s constant worry whenever this fact is mentioned.

The decision was made just as I typically make decisions. A good friend of mine brought up the idea of doing this trip, as she had seen it in a movie, and it was the perfect motivation for her to get into better shape. She told me about it a year ago in February, and she divulged in me her already very researched plans. My immediate interest caused me to receive an invitation. We were supposed to set it for two years out for everything–gear, tickets, training, savings, etc. However, midway through last year, it seemed as if her goals may not be made, and I ended up going through some financial issues that also set me back. It was a silent acknowledgement that we wouldn’t be attempting this in 2015.

Another thing you need to know about me: I get antsy. And when I get antsy, I make what some may call “rash decisions” to feel okay with what I like to call living a “mundane” lifestyle. This is how I went skydiving. Twice. This is how I purchased two tickets for a symphony and did a day trip to Chicago. This is how I often end up meeting bands randomly after/during shows, and this is how I moved to the cities. When I make a decision, it is rare that I will ever back down. It is only when I haven’t made up my mind that I don’t seem committed.

So, when I tell you that I was sitting in the movie theatre for a midnight showing, playing my 3DS XL, randomly chattering with my friends whilst waiting to watch The Hobbit, discussing the last film and getting excited for the best thing in all the land to show up (Smaug), and that I suddenly was thinking of LotRs, and how they had such an epic adventure, rolling through the hills, walking, getting to their destination, looking over at mountains, up from mountains, through and between forests, and how the trilogy was coming back again when all I wanted was to do that, which is probably why I was so excited to see the films, and that I thought, “I had a chance to do that.” And then I paused. And then I thought, “Fuck it. I still have a chance, so I’m doing it.” And then proceeded to enjoy the film immensely in more joy than anything because I knew this is what I would be doing by 2015. When I tell you that, you have to take it as a truth because this is a firm decision I made, not even caring if any of my friends joined me.

There are a few things I will be accomplishing in 2014 before I go, which is why I decided to start a blog about it. It will keep my thoughts together on the process, keep me accountable for certain deadlines I haven’t even set for myself yet (next blog will be about that), and keep any people updated that I choose to poke this blog at. And maybe it’ll hit a few people who have done it who can give me tips. I kind of made an odd decision to not read any blogs about people’s experiences doing this trip because I want my experience to be my own with no other influences… however, I am not completely stupid, and have definitely been researching blogs/forums on tips for camping, gear, etc. These are the things I want to make sure I am prepared for. But I’m not ruining anything else until I see it for the first time.

I’ll also be logging my exercise/training a bit for this experience. I’ve heard you don’t need much, but I used to be an avid runner when I lived up north as there isn’t much else to do. Once I moved to the cities, I promptly gained 15 pounds and lost some of my wind. I’m tossing around whether I will actually be joining a gym because I want almost all of my money to be going toward my end goal. I just want to make sure that I can not only make the daily walking goals for getting to Saint Jacques de Compostelle, but that I will be good for carrying all of my equipment that distance for that long of a period as well. I’m not 100%, but I am leaning toward starting in Le Puy, which would take 4-5 weeks if I am lucky. From what I have heard, I am thinking it will be very difficult to stay on path as there is just so much to see and admire. I also want to visit a friend in Scotland when I have finished, which means more time off from work, which I am still unsure whether I will be able to to.

My job will be an interesting thing to fit into this process. I have no clue how they will react if I ask to have up to two months off to travel. They let women take sabbaticals for personal reasons, or they will take a couple of months off for giving birth–why not allow me, a singleton who wants to live life and doesn’t have much effect on the company besides making sure my team has things overall organized (I’m an admin), to see Spain?

And that is a brief overview of things as they stand in the moment. I am a woman who is currently immersed in electronics and social life, but wants to abandon that for a time because she gets too antsy when she stares at the same thing for too long. One can only make the mundane more interesting for a certain amount of time before setting out to make sure the world is still real, and that there is more out there besides what the eyes can see in the immediate.

Details can come to follow now that I have the blog in a decent grasp. Things will be changing in the coming weeks, polished to how I want it to be. And I hope for this to be a success!



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