Miss Mallory Meredith's Misinterpretations and Follies (Obscenities Included!)

While the weekend was unsurprisingly busy since the moment I left work, I still managed to throw in a few panicky moments about what I’d be doing with all of my things. Because, as any geek of anything in particular would know, one tends to collect items of your passion. Because, if I do end up moving out of the country, I’m going to need a bigger plan that I originally thought.

I have two things I am desperately passionate about. And a third thing that I will mourn if I leave the country.

What I will mourn is my jewelry studio. My father built a sturdy table, I have an anvil, blowtorch, clamps, hammers, kiln, metal… But this is, obviously, something I cannot just ship with me due to the exorbitant fees as this is not a light hobby.

To be considerably fair, as much as I enjoy this hobby, I haven’t been able to enjoy it for a couple of years anyway. When I moved to the cities, it was unsure of where I’d be settled, and whether it could be something I’d be able to do in my brother’s townhouse. By the time I finally moved everything from the storage at my parents’ place, things shifted and now I’m moving again (which means I’m glad I didn’t have the ventilation changed in the basement).

And that is why I will mourn this — every time I’ve finally managed to be able to possibly start this hobby up again, something gets in the way. But it isn’t enough for me to stay here. I’m not even capable of thinking about selling any of it, either, which means storage and my heart still breaking.

That brings me to my two deeply passionate hobbies: reading and video games.

You may think reading is an easy fix. Which it is. And absolutely isn’t.

I have….a lot of books. Hundreds. Many bookshelves filled to the brim, two rows per shelf. You’d think the lifesaver would be to own a Kindle/Nook/3rd Party Electronic Reading Device, but I actually dislike using technology to read my novels. As someone who is already greatly immersed within technology, it’s a relief to pick up something to stare at that isn’t a screen, to not have to worry about the expensive device getting destroyed, share easily with friends, and, ultimately, don’t need electricity for.

I also read in really odd positions, like on the grass with the book over my head, and I don’t like the idea of an iPad crashing down on my face because my hand slips.

The issue?

Years of collecting since a child so I could be like Belle is the issue. My mom once told me I should open up a bookstore to sell what I have. I laughed in her face. Because Mallory loves her books. I don’t purchase books I wouldn’t read again. I don’t buy them to set on my shelf to forget. And it’s all research — as a writer, everything is research. The book from when I was 10, the collection of Greek mythology from college, the novels dedicated to my female lead addiction…

I once owned every single Baby Sitters Club book from #1 to #151. We had a garage sale and my mother set them out. I was devastated. She said I would get the money since it was my collection, and if I didn’t like the offer, I could decline.

A mother came up and said she’d pay me $40. I was probably twelve or fourteen at the time, so this was a lot of money. Fuck, it still is, as far as I’m concerned. The lady’s daughter had a few of the books, just getting old enough to enjoy reading longer books by herself. It was this that made me re-think the possibility of me ever going back to that series. I’d stopped collecting the series a while back, and, honestly, I knew I had grown into a more adult supernatural genre (not Goosebumps or Animorphs, like so many children — I skipped straight into the young adult/adult after reading the old Grimm books my parents had in our attic game room when I was ten).

But some other young reader was on her way up. I struggled with this until my own mother gently prodded me. I sadly took the money and watched the beginning of my own prodigy leave. And promptly used it to purchase something from Tamora Pierce, I am sure. However, ever since then, I thought about my purchases because I didn’t want to get rid of them in the end. And I was learning quickly how difficult it was to get rid of things because I already saw what was in my lotion/perfume drawer.

Now I look at my collection and know that I will be choosing a select few to come with me, and the rest will be going into a storage unit until further notice. I have family/friend who are telling me it is money that could be helping me along, that I could always buy them again, but the plan is to keep them forever, as I’ve been trying to gather enough books to have a library that which rivals Belle’s in Beauty and the Beast since I first saw the film.


It will be mine. Oh, yes, it will be mine.

I have decided to be selfish about it and have it all, damn it.

The second thing I am passionate about would be, obviously, my video games. These darlings have been in my life as much as my books, and just as much as an investment.

Now, I’m going to just say that I wouldn’t bring my entire collection. That is ridiculous to even think of. But not completely stupid to want both my 360 and WiiU. This would be leaving behind my PS2, PS3, Wii/GameCube stuff, NES, etc., etc., etc. And before you get all rolly-eyed on me, this is a lot tougher than you think it is.

Video games for me is getting to play through the book. It is fighting dragons and fighting in space. It is the many years of saving Hyrule. It is surviving the zombie apocalypse and creating new myths. It is ripping off harpy wings.


Your step-by-step guide. It may seem wrong now, but it feels so right…

I immediately began to look up the best way to travel with electronics since the only things I brought with me for my trip to New Zealand was my laptop and my trusty Philips GoGear from 2005.

And now I would be taking both of these console systems, plus my desktop computer that I had help putting together with a friend. And before you get all rolly-eyed again, remember that I am thinking of being gone for a good few years, not just a year or six months. This will be dedicated time of me living there. I wouldn’t even think about considering any of this if I weren’t planning on spending a decent amount of my life being somewhere else (except perhaps my 3DS — that shit is portable).

I had some hardball questions in order for my plan to work.

Would I die if I were to take the computer as a carry-on since it could look like an awkwardly made bomb in my suitcase? Would it be safe if I just had them stow it as my normal packs?  What about shipping it after me through UPS?

These questions I Googled grimly, thinking my fate was sealed by the simple fact that I’d have to probably sell my homemade computer I adored so much.

Turns out, you can safely bring it with you on the plane, if you don’t mind the bulk. Or you could just take the most expensive pieces with you can buy a tower there, or have the other less-expensive items in your normal luggage. Maybe a few extra dollars here and there due to weight, but…worth it. To have my WiiU to play Mario Kart 8 and Zelda, my 360 for any Bioware/Bethesda/Valve, and my computer for my ESO? Ultimately worth every penny.


  1. Books? CHECK
  2. Video Games? CHECK
  3. Jewelry Studio? NOT CHECK

Admittedly, it would be a lot easier/nicer to just have myself hired as a writer for Bioware/Bethesda, but, you know, I like to live in the realistic world 5% of the 20% of my life that I’m not doing my hobbies.

Life abroad, here I come.


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