Miss Mallory Meredith's Misinterpretations and Follies (Obscenities Included!)


This gif is explains it all. It is the tl;dr before the tl could happen.

For the longer version, I basically found a cheap ticket to New Zealand. I applied for a bunch of jobs in Wellington. I have received a few answers back that are asking to “hold tight” until their deadlines to apply close. And I’ve already researched housing and contacted my friends overseas.

I called my bank to see about how much money I had in my account and it was so much that I’ve saved up that when I hung up, I looked over at my father who came over this weekend to fix my brother’s bathroom and burst into happy tears.

I then tried to help my father remove a large piece of shower from the bathroom and promptly half fell through the bathroom floor that is also the ceiling into the closet by the front door like some cartoon.

I’m not making any of this shit up.

So, to wrap things up, I have bruises all along my legs, one on my right middle knuckle, a twisted ankle, and I’m moving to New Zealand within the next two months (to be conservative — I’m hoping I’ll be there by September).

Packing and getting rid of things is going to be a nightmare.


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