Miss Mallory Meredith's Misinterpretations and Follies (Obscenities Included!)

I Can’t Do The Worm

Things keep getting complicated.

Did you know that you cannot purchase a one-way ticket without having a Visa? Well, you can purchase one, but they won’t allow you on the plane. You otherwise have to have a return flight. Which I don’t want to do because expenses. I found a flight for $773, one-way, and I couldn’t get it without knowing if I’d have my Visa in time.

It is ultimately frustrating to know you want to do something, to have your whole plan set, and realize that it is cock-blocked by the most reasonable rules in all the land.

I get it. It all makes sense. But that doesn’t mean I don’t yearn to just be there now, rather than waiting around for someone to accept me for a job — mainly because it is typically easier for a country to hire someone who is right there rather than someone who is a 15 hour flight away. Even if that person is willing to hop onto it immediately.

I should be thankful as this will give me extra time I need at home. I could certainly be packed up and ready to go within a week (less if pressed), but that doesn’t give me any time with my family or friends. I am looking at this in a positive light, a light that allows me to get my shit together properly.

This is what it will be like when I get my shit together.

With a little bit of this going on, too.

And to play video games. Particularly ESO. Since I know I wouldn’t really get to do this in NZ, I am trying to insert moments of gaming when I get time. And then I get even more selfish and spend an hour or so after that reading books. Which means I am only ever getting about five hours of sleep a night, but my excitement for this new adventure hasn’t allowed me to feel any of it.

Besides, I’ll have a 15-20 hour flight in which I can rest.

Okay, okay, I’m applying for my Visa now. Get off my back!


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