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I’m Not Even Into Guns

While I’ve been waiting to hear about whether I have a position before moving to New Zealand for at least a year (if I have a job there, I will for sure be staying longer — if I don’t, I’ll spend a year traveling at least before coming back), one of the things I have been debating on is the timing.

If I need extra time from August, then what? Where do I live while I wait for my next move?

Luckily, today, someone decided to rent the house from my brother starting September 30th. This means I have a date for myself, the timeline to get everything together.

Which is fantastic because I feel ready and full of energy.

The grouting is half done in my bathroom. The shower itself is done, but there is still around the toilet and the sink area that my father will need to finish off, and subsequently may have me grouting (I am, thankfully, going to be sticking to my day job after this).

In order to stave off the whole falling halfway through my ceiling ordeal/bending over backwards to grout the shower thing (mainly the stress it has placed on my body), I went to my acupuncturist for some treatment. Dina got me back together with a wonderful massage and helping to place my body in sync with my spirit.

Going in, I felt as if I were a tangled mess of yarn. Leaving, I felt as if I were in order, right back in my skin. I try to go every couple of months, and I could certainly tell that I was in need, even if it was to get some peace of mind and some good energy my way.

Also, for someone as afraid as needles as I am, you wouldn’t think it with my high praise for acupuncture and my several tattoos.

I took the weekend to be all about taking care of me. Not thinking about jobs, money, packing, socializing, or helping. I needed a few mental days, to relax.

I did that by watching Psycho-Pass.

So relaxing, yes?

Honestly, I can’t 100% say what I was thinking by starting this show. Except for the fact that it is fucking amazing.

It’s a more gory, intense, in-depth idea of Minority Report, which, in all honestly, I only enjoyed because of the technology. The rest of the story wasn’t anything to really write home about because it couldn’t really get into the life surrounding the premise. Can’t really blame too much with such a small amount of time (except that there are plenty of films that manage to do it — I digress), but this anime makes up for all of the things that film lacked, particularly the female lead and more concerning plot lines.

Besides the moments that make me shiver or curl a little closer to my stuffed Appa, I am completely immersed and sold on everything this anime has offered me.

I may not be all about guns, but I am here for this. I am here for this until forever.

This is coming from a lady who has an aversion to games like Amnesia (legit gave me nightmares from simply watching a dumb play-through — I didn’t even play the game), Slender Man, and even the season from Bones that was all about the cannibal serial killer (had to watch some peppy episodes of Powerpuff Girls if I tried to watch certain episodes before going to bed). And don’t get me started on SCP Containment Breach.

I typically have a rule of never watching slasher horror flicks as needless slaughter isn’t my cup of tea, but I can’t seem to not watch people play through a good thriller/suspense type horror video game. And I’ve always been one to read a good murder mystery, even horror. This has apparently bled into watching anime. And this particular anime, which is all about the idea of a system made to keep the public at peace, and what happens when you can’t trust the technology behind the system…with pretty hardcore serial killers and mind-fucks that will keep you glued to the television as you start to really think about the gray areas of right and wrong.

Plus, the music for Psycho-Pass is just damn good. Bought Abnormalize and Namae no Nai Kaibutsu within the first few episodes since they just about make my day.

After my binge watching, I was thinking about how this stuff will change once I leave. Internet is a bit different over in NZ. While not only slower, I’ve heard they still cap how much data they can use, and that they don’t have free wifi in a lot of places, whereas I’m used to getting it free even from within the city itself.

Yet I’m excited for this change of pace. While not ideal for necessarily keeping in touch with everyone, one of my reasons to leave is to be able to focus on writing. Not having the technology constantly nagging at me to be present in a virtual world versus the one outside is welcome.

I will miss it, but I think it will be more like a nostalgia, like when I hadn’t had a fruit roll-up for over ten years: while the smell, taste, and packaging is all the same, the product doesn’t really hold up when you come back to realize that sugar is simply sugar.

Except for Kagari. He will always hold up in his abilities to make me laugh.


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