Miss Mallory Meredith's Misinterpretations and Follies (Obscenities Included!)

Beyond Good And Evil

Had this conversation with my coworker yesterday:

The more I think about it and get closer to when I want to leave, it keeps coming down to me just leaving and traveling the world until I decide I should come back home.

If you decide to come back home.

I’m sure I’ll have to come home eventually, if I don’t get any pay or something.

Maybe you’ll get a great job.
Fall in love.
Star in a movie.
And live happily ever after.


Or maybe you’ll find a ring that will need to travel to the depth of foreign land to destroy to prevent humanity from coming to a violent end. Through partnerships with unlike heroes, your quest will change you for eternity.

That sounds more fathomable.

Or maybe you will find a special stream that will prevent you from aging when you splash a dabble on your face.
Enabling you to become the Mother Theresa of the modern day.

Is…that who you think Mother Theresa was? A lady who found a stream to prevent aging and never shared that wondrous magic with anyone else?

Not even a little bit.
I said “modern mother T”.
It just enables you to save the world for longer.
And more aggressively.

Haha, save the world.

Or you can use it for evil.
Which is what I would do.
For sure would use it to generate the most money possible.

Sadly, being evil would be quicker and more satisfying, in the sense on how easy it is to achieve a goal. Evil ending results last longer than the good endings.

Well, to be fair, if you have a ridiculous amount of money, you can fix a lot of things.

Ah, so evil for good in the end.
Did you play Fable 3?

Aren’t Bill and Melinda Gates going to eradicate malaria?
I did not. I played the original.

Bill isn’t an evil overlord.
And that is how the ending of the game kind of goes.
It’s about a revolution because your brother is being cruel as the current king.
But then you find out that it is because he is trying for the greater good.
He is raising taxes, not pay soldiers, etc. because he needs the money to end a war that will ultimately destroy the kingdom.
And then you get to make a choice in the end as to whether you agree with his methods or if you’ll try your own path.

So, I think through this we found out what I’m going to do.
Be a cut throat entrepreneur until I generate more money than the next ten generations of my family could spend.
Then, toward my elder years, turn to philanthropy so I can right myself in the eyes of the public.
What path did you choose in said game?

The good path.
But it was fucking difficult.
You have to not only raise a certain amount of gold, but then the public doesn’t give a shit that you’re saving for a war — they want all of their good things to happen, too.
Being evil is easier.

Sounds about right.

You end up saving about twice as much to pay for everyone’s wants and to save them in a war.

I’d take the evil path.
End result is the same.

Pretty much — except that your populace hates you.
The game is supposed to continue after you’re done.

Does it matter if people hate you?

I have plenty who do.
So, no.
It bothers me if someone hates me when we’re friends.
But I have an older brother whom hated me for ages and I had to come to terms with that.
And many other girls who hate me now.

Your friends can’t hate you, that’s illegal.
Okay, correction.
How do you feel about random strangers you lead hating you?

You either accept it or become insanely warped by trying to please them, becoming unhappy in the process.
I had to deal with a coworker and manager hating me for a while.
I basically just got it to the point where we could at least respect each other’s work.
If it were someone random I’d possibly run into, I just let it be known I’m not here for them and go my separate way.

So, could you be queen of a country…
And have some folks not like you…

Me: It’s bound to happen.
I never think a president has an easy job.
You hear more negative comments than positive ones.
And negative experiences last longer in the mind than positive ones.

And people aren’t informed.

And I just know my way of life isn’t how others would lead theirs.
Even with those where we want the same ending result.
We have different ways of getting there.

Later that day, the news of Robin Williams’ death was spread. And then I dealt with receiving news about the riots and tragedy in Ferguson via live tweets, versus our actual media.

It was a cluster-fuck of an emotional time for the beginning of a week. Not even moving to another country would get these feelings out. But it makes me want to talk to people and hear their stories, write about them, share them.

It makes me also realize the more important things of why I do what I do, from playing video games to watching anime to traveling. It’s so easy to see things as insignificant. Or, to put it another way, as significant as you wish to view it.

It just ultimately makes it easier to set things aside when you know that you can always come back to them. Life is more than what people tell you. And it’s worth living to do everything you want to achieve in life. Money be damned, I’m going to make it all happen for me. And for as many people as I can while I’m at it.


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