Miss Mallory Meredith's Misinterpretations and Follies (Obscenities Included!)

I’m writing simply for the action to make myself write because I don’t think that if I post now, I will continue to do so. And it was already so hard for me to begin again in the first place. I started this over a month ago.

This is like pulling teeth.

I was in a bit of a depression recently. It started because I re-checked my numbers and found out that I couldn’t make it to New Zealand when I wanted to.

It’s been a complicated year. Lots of emotions between the backlash on feminism, the events of Ferguson (in which things are still happening), the constant pressure of being female in the gaming industry in any form (if I listed them all, we’d be here all day), people hacking personal accounts to slut-shame… As someone who is pretty integrated within social media, I can safely say that there is too much hate spreading. I can choose whether to see the good or bad, and I am typically an optimistic/happy person, but that doesn’t mean I should be willfully blind to the bullshit that goes on in our world. And sometimes the hate just seeps into my heart, making it heavy, sad, hopeless, as I contemplate the state of humanity.

This year has been difficult.

So when I went from having a goal and time set to something I have always wanted to be held back by the oldest reason in the book… I broke a bit.

I’ll give you the quickest rendition of what happened these weeks I have been gone.

Ferguson is still happening, GamerGate is somehow a thing with women being threatened with rape/death and driven from their homes, and now I can’t go to New Zealand?! I AM FOREVER SAD.


After weeks of this shit, it was time for Mallory’s Common Reactions 101. Achievement Unlocked: Regained happiness.

So I did the usual things most people do when they decide their sick of the shit going on in their lives: I went to Las Vegas, bought a capture card for my gaming, watched a ridiculous amount of anime, and immersed myself in gaming (Hyrule Warriors to be exact–I literally can’t stop play. The proof is in that I did Extra Life 24 hours of gaming and ONLY played this game. Not even sick of it.).

About 80% of your game play is this. It’s a lot of fun.

I also moved to a new place closer to work and with a roommate who I actually talk to, take meals with, and ultimately have been re-learning being social immediately after work. Which is a lot tougher than you’d imagine, but kind of nice.

The most important thing I did was come back to myself with a plan of what to do now that I couldn’t get what I wanted now. I know that is difficult for many of my generation to understand, but, no, not all of us can get it in the immediate, and I have to wait.

I decided to wait until at least the end of January. Since being forced to stay, I have to pay off a few things, so this will allow me to save up again and get through the holidays before leaving.

I was still irked at having to make this decision, but then I had a conversation with a friend who is pregnant three years after having a miscarriage. She saw how upset I was and said, “Mallory, look at me. I didn’t think this would happen again. I figured I’d never get this chance. And here I am, in a situation I’d never thought I’d be in. One thing I’ve learned about the right path is that it is never how you figured it would end up. You’ll get there soon enough.”

So, I guess I feel better and am okay with putting my focus on the next goal yet again. And I guess I have been piecing my life back to “normal” with a dash of more healthy.

But let’s get to the real reason why I was updating! I wanted to share yet another amazing conversation with my co-worker:

I forget, are you an Xbox or PS4 gal?

I only have a 360 because more of my friends have them.
And it has a better online network.


Otherwise, both have games I enjoy.

You know what would be sweet?
If they made multiplayer playable cross console.

They would never do that, though.

They should.

They do have SOME games that kinda do it.
But they would literally never do that.
The best they had was Final Fantasy online.
But that was only PS3 and PC?

At least they tried it.

But it would be difficult to get them to work together.


Half the games would be and the other half wouldn’t.
Because Nintendo, for example, would never allow their trademark games to be cross-console.

I wouldn’t even put Nintendo in this.
Different demographic mostly.

No Zelda, Mario, etc. would be on anywhere else.
Same goes for Halo, God of War, FF, Uncharted, etc.
The only games that would cross over would be CoD and other 3rd party shooter games an’ shit.

I get the exclusives couldn’t be played cross console, but there are a pile of games that go across that could be.

Then, you’d have to have special servers set aside.
The ones for just Xbox games, and then the ones for cross games.
I doubt they’d wanna use up space for another company.
Justin, it’d be a mess.

You are really negative on this.


I think it would be cool to do. Could they do it, absolutely. Will they ever, nope.

I think it’d be smart as hell to do.
Would prove what system is actually the best.
But I don’t think they COULD do it.
The systems work completely differently.
Even graphics wise.


I don’t think the developers would be okay with it, honestly. Hrm.

But if Google can figure out how to offer drive on a series of devices, cross multiple OS, they can crack this code.

Oh, they can crack it–but it would mean making the same systems.
Google is different–they are all about collaboration.

You know what.
I’m going to develop software that does it behind their backs.
I bet I could make a million dollars

Or lose a million dollars in lawsuits 😛

No way.
You’re just facilitating the highway.
Not stealing anything.

You don’t think they’d take you down?

Try to.
But they couldn’t.
I’m smarter than that.
Thanks to having to interact with lawyers so much in my personal and professional life.

Do you know how many people have cured diseases and types of cancer, but the pharmaceutical industry buys them out?

That’s what this would be.
Only in the gaming world.

Well, good luck. I would be behind it, but not that surprised if it didn’t work out.

What if it does work out.
We could BOTH be millionaires.
We’ll just spin it up and then sell it in 24 months.


Five to seven million dollars.
Just think about it.

And get back to you?

Nope. I’m proceeding under the assumption you’re in.


8-14 million dollars.

I feel like I’m watching Science Court.

I mean, easily 18-26 million.
That’s each.
We for sure will get bought out for 100 million.
And probably need a couple people to develop it.
Think about it.


Easily, easily 31-39 million.

I want more.

How much would you like?
Let’s test your negotiating skills.

100 billion dollars.

Ya, that’s too high. Do over.


400 dollars.


While sorta on the subject, I have to say, though, Hyrule Warriors would be SO BITCHIN’ if they had allowed online play, not just local.

Anyone else down for an investment?


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