Miss Mallory Meredith's Misinterpretations and Follies (Obscenities Included!)


So, I am a terrible human being when it comes to writing an update when I’ve stopped. I blame small depression waves, but then 2015 came around and I guess my resolution to stop giving any fucks has been working.

So, things that have happened. I started running again, which boosted serotonin, and I started taking Vitamin D daily, which boosted my energy/moods. I went to a writing retreat, which got me boosted to keep writing, and then I purchased a zillion books because the words “There are libraries for a reason” don’t mean shit to me. I purchased a ukulele as my number one wish in life is to be my own bard, and when I saw my ukulele of happiness, I couldn’t not get it.



AREN’T WE JUST THE GREATEST COUPLE?! I bought one for my bestie in Scotland, too, and we’re going to start up our Unrelated. Vlog again, so keep an eye here! Her uke is Aloha (for hello) and my uke is Aloha (for goodbye). I have been playing for a few hours every day, and have learned some of the most wicked songs. Excited to share.

My parents purchased me hiking boots for Christmas, which I am slowly trying to break in because I’m GOING TO MOTHERFUCKING SPAIN AND NEW ZEALAND YO.

That’s right, I finally made a decision to just do it all. I’ve saved a ton of money since moving (oh, yeah, I moved, too), and I figure, why the fuck not? So, I’m going to Scotland to visit a friend, then going to Spain for a pilgrimage hike (thus the hiking boots), then going to New Zealand.

I am currently applying for a Work Holiday Visa, but even if it doesn’t go as planned, I will be going for the three months I am allowed to have there. I am in desperate need of travel. Even if it can only be for 6 months, I’ll take it. I am currently blessed with years of saved money and a way to come back. I will write more on that later, as that should have its own personal post.

As for gaming, when I decided to leave at the end of summer, my tech side panicked and I decided to buy pretty much whatever I wanted on the Steam Sales. I don’t know why I do this to myself. I have so many games to get through and so little time, it’s fucking ridiculous.

However, I have been adoring Crypt of the NecroDancer, which is still in an early access mode, but fucking fantastic to the nth degree. I highly recommend checking it out, especially if you like moving to beats, being smart with your game play, and ultimately being addicted for hours on end. I may or may not have played for an entire Saturday out of sheer enjoyment.

Me, about 5 minutes after I’ve stopped playing.

I also, of course, got addicted to Dragon Age: Inquisition because only communists don’t. And my good friend’s husband, but we don’t talk about it so I don’t rip out his still beating heart over such a small matter. I legit panicked over some decisions I made (fuck you, Bioware, for making me decide so many fates at once–but also, hire me, maybe? I’ll be in New Zealand this year, and I would be willing to be your international delegate for whatever you need. I’m really good at making videos, editing things, writing, talking with people, etc. I have some great ideas! Just email me. We’ll keep in touch.), got pretty far in my relationship, then stopped playing because January got busy, but mostly because I was afraid that I was going to beat the game since I already had 80 hours in (this was within two weeks of game release–I had a second job during that time, and that job was saving Ferelden/Orlais). I have been promised that there are still MANY hours to play, but I am one of those people that, when falling in love with something, I set it aside to keep loving the experience for as long as possible. I’ve done this with books, too, and I find it bitter-sweet.

However, spoilers have become easier to come by, and there have been some REALLY interesting sounding theories that I’ve found posted in places, so I want to beat the game so I can really dig into those forums, rather than me seeing a portion of the post and stopping because #SPOILERS are happening.

Hm, what else have I done?

I bawled about Legend of Korra’s last season, I’ve debated about purchasing the New Nintendo 3DSXL (and gotten weirdly upset/not upset about how quickly the Majora’s Mask bundle has been swept away–like, I didn’t want it because it isn’t that impressive looking, but ZELDA COME THE FUCK ON), made some fun videos for friends (which I can’t post as they wanted private), and have used Friends references for 90% of my life this past January.

We won’t get into my issues with Netflix using the blu-ray version of the show because that could also be a post within itself. Let’s just say that I am upset with their decision, and will forever covet the DVD version instead.

Fuck you, Netflix. (Netflix is Rachel in this scene).

So, hey. Summed up my life in 800 words. That’s…depressing.


(alternate gif here)


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