Miss Mallory Meredith's Misinterpretations and Follies (Obscenities Included!)


A friend got me in contact with another lady who basically did what I am about to do (minus the pilgrimage in Spain and Scotland-plus-a-day-in-Dublin side quest). It has actually calmed some of the nerves I was getting, and gotten me to think about things I may not have thought about. And has me thankful for the connections I have with wonderful people to allow me to get to this point.

I say calmed because I officially had my first “OMFG I WILL NEVER SEE THIS SAME SKY AGAIN” mini-breakdown.

Oh, hello Orion’s Belt. I won’t be seeing you because I’ll be in another hemisph– *breaks down in tears*

I wish I was kidding, but it legit happened. I had an eye exam by my parents’ house, so I stayed there the weekend. When I left, I looked up at the clear sky and started to cry because you can’t see the stars in the cities and I missed them terribly, and then I started to cry more because I realized that I wouldn’t even be seeing the same constellations anyway once I moved to New Zealand.

This surprisingly then made me happy because the thought of being back on NZ soil made me extremely elated, and then I panicked that something would go awry and I wouldn’t have enough money to make it work and then I was wondering why the fuck I was still driving at night like this. It helps no one.

And, no joke, as soon as I thought that, On Top of the World came on by Imagine Dragons. Which pretty much just settled it. I felt a wave of relief, my heart cleared of that bad feeling, and I thought about the moment my body would sing once I left what I’m doing now to do what makes me smile simply of thinking about it.

The next day, I was in contact with my friend’s friend, given advice about doing what she did (Holiday Work Visa is best, can find a job easily, JUST DO IT), and here I am, feeling like I have my hand over the red button to start it all, and no fucks to give.

The shackles of society’s standards leaving me to be the best I can be. 

This past week has been me playing Ocarina of Time in preparation for Majora’s Mask to come out. I will admit, despite having played this game well over ten times, I keep posting to the Miiverse because I find myself to be humorous. I debate between which are my favorite posts thus far, this one or this one. And I love when I get some humorous replies.

I should have it beat soon, but I am debating about getting everything first. I haven’t died yet, so it would be awesome to do it ALL with that added perk, but…I also have a life…so…

Ha, who am I kidding? My life is me doing that, then spending Valentine’s Day playing Majora’s Mask to my heart’s content, because Zelda is my one and only true love.

Nothing screams love quite like this gif.

Maybe I’ll even stream me playing Zelda all day…

Speaking of not actually having a life, I also finished Friends on Netflix. You apparently save some time when you don’t have to get up to change discs, and all of the episodes are cut shorter from the DVD versions. I think the only thing opinion that has changed about the show is that I dislike Ross more (could he BE anymore thinking the universe owes him?), and the inconsistencies are even more obvious with each time I watch (stupid things, like Chandler being okay with dogs when mentioned, then him having a ridiculous fear of them, Ross’ birthday, Chandler can’t cry but he does often, Phoebe’s French speaking skills, things you’d only notice by by binge watching).

I’m also really having a fun time trying to decide what to us with Club Nintendo coins on. After much debate (and poking at friends who maybe don’t have a membership, but buy Nintendo products so I can get more coins because fuck you, that’s why), I’m going to go with Link’s Awakening (so I don’t have to bring my GameBoy Color traveling) for sure, but debating on the second one. I really want Star Fox 64 3DS, but I don’t have enough coins. I pretty much have the games I want from the list, and the rest are “meh”.

Although, I kinda just want to have Kersploosh! on my 3DS because it reminds me of my favorite person from Wind Waker.

My friend uses “sploooooooosh” as the tone for when I text her, although it sounds like “spliiiiiiiiiish”.

Oh, one last thing. If anyone reads this has an Xbox 360 and doesn’t already own it, you can download Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons for free if you have the Gold Membership. Highly recommend. Don’t look anything up about it or it could ruin the experience. Just download, play, and enjoy.

You’re welcome.


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