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Flashy Gold Cartridge

So, Majora’s Mask came out last Friday, and that has been my life.

Nothing Legend of Zelda hasn’t ever done to me before.

In all seriousness, I am very pleased with this remake. It wasn’t that I was doubtful, it was that I knew it would be something I’d purchase, then found out it was so much better than I thought it would be. The graphics are smooth, they’ve allowed more shortcuts for transition scenes you see all the time, a better Bomber Notebook…Of course, I do believe, like the Ocarina of Time remake, it was also made a bit easier, but I think that could be attributed to a less clunky design/how it was meant to be played. And that I’ve played this game several times over.

You can tell the Nintendo community was extremely excited for this game as in the first few days, people were posting in the Miiverse left and right. Now? You’re lucky to get a “Yeah!” on anything you share with the crowd. We’re all just so immersed in the world that is the sequel that brought Zelda to the 3D world.

I also can say that I purchased myself the limited edition Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL. And it is beautiful.

I legit didn’t think I’d be as happy with this purchase either. First off, I really didn’t want to stop using my Link Between Worlds 3DS XL. I love that baby so much for so many reasons. Many of them probably being that Russ-L and I waited until midnight to pick them up, then proceeded on an all night road trip to Chicago to go to the Legend of Zelda symphony the next day. It is definitely one of my more favorite times of 2013.

It hurt a bit to transfer my data, but I am thoroughly enjoying the new features on the n3DS XL. The C-Stick is just what I wanted it to be (to not have this feature for Ocarina of Time wasn’t detrimental, but I missed it like lost kitten), and the camera that adjusts to where I am sitting so I can see the 3D from however I hold the device is rockin’. Given, it isn’t perfect, but it is an improvement, one that I would consider worth upgrading to if you’re as into the 3D aspect as I am. And the battery is phenomenal. Where my LBW 3DS XL could last a day and a half, the n3DS XL lasts almost twice as long.


Did this all day at work, staring down my handheld, waiting for the minutes to tick by until I could play it.

Pictures don’t do it justice, really. Just…I opened the package and I may have given a bit of a shriek in pleasure. My LBW 3DS XL is gold, but not FLASHY gold.

Basically, I am pleased with my purchase. While there are many sites saying “Wait to buy,” you can really say that with any of the new consoles. If you’re buying it for the first time, definitely get the n3DS XL, and if you’re debating on upgrading, consider this your enabler friend urging you to do the thing.

I’ve done a lot of other things, but I think I’ll spend the rest of this post talking about the fact that last night I found out Psycho-Pass had a season two that came out this past January.

I know, I couldn’t calm the fuck down, either.

I had all of these well laid plans to celebrate the Chinese New Year by watching Fruits Basket, but then Psycho-Pass Season 2 happened. And we all know how I felt about the first season

I’m not going to fill the post will spoilers, but do read this bit at your risk.


Not necessarily in a bad way, but in a “Remember that time passes.” kind of way. I had to sink into the show like I’d just purchased a new couch, and get out of the mind blowing experience the first season was for me. Time has passed, Akane (whom I just fucking adore) is very good at her job, and be okay with knowing the characters are mostly established. This season is more about plot and the future of Sybil than how well everything was crafted in the first season.

While I binged it in one night (NOT SORRY), I was a lot more tense and curious about what was happening in the first season, enthralled by the world and thought processes in 2112 Japan. While I saw a few articles after some research claiming the newer season is darker, I lean towards them being the same, if not the first season being darker. We felt with Akane as she experienced her new world for the first time, the balance between Enforcer and Inspector, the reality of how a society works with the police system set in place. This season felt more like they felt they had to have fucked up shit happen for the sake of having the astonishment we felt in the last season.

This isn’t to say I didn’t have my gasping moments. I just think the focus was in areas that would have been more powerful elsewhere. I loved how they used Kogami, and wished they’d used that to their advantage. It was touched upon, but it could have been stronger, and it wouldn’t have been in-your-face about it. There also felt to be additional things added to the show just to further the plot, rather than it feeling natural, like Akane’s grandmother. I had pretty much guessed the ending of the season due to those moments (although, to be fair, I had a decent idea of where the first season was going, too). And there was really only one point that was borderline unbelievable for me–and this is with the Dominators, Sybil, holograms, etc.

However, the last 2-3 episodes were just as I would have liked them. Strong, and filled with “What next?” I want to know what’s next.



That all being said above, I definitely recommend it. It’s a series that I would want another season from, even after my gripes with this recent one.

Well, it’s the weekend. Which means ukulele, writing prompts, and finishing off Dragon Age: Inquisition once and for all. I WILL FINALLY GET OVER MY WISH FOR THE GAME TO LAST FOREVER AND BEAT IT.

…and maybe stop finding a bunch of Cullen fanart comics so I can actually play the game.


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