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If I Could Draw

For years, I have been trying to draw. Sometimes, I succeed.

Only took me 30 minutes…seriously. 

Growing up, it was mostly just drawings in the margin. Then I met my now best friend Catherine, and she began giving me some tips. I started to draw a bit better, but still sucked. Mainly because in order to draw really well, you have to keep drawing.

And…I don’t really keep up. I’ll do quick 5 minute drawings here and there, but that’s it.

I think envy is the biggest reason why it is difficult to pick up a pencil and draw. The moments I want to draw most are when I look up fan art for my favorite things, like Dragon Age or Tamora Pierce novels. These are also the moments when I never want to even attempt drawing because it would take me forever and a day to even get close to their level.

Now, as a writer, I have this difficulty enough, but I feel I have enough of a background that it doesn’t deter me too often. But when I don’t really know anything at all…

For the umpteenth time, I whined to Catherine about my longing to be half to three-quarters the artist of the people I follow, and she said that if I were to practice at least one hour a week, I’d improve drastically, especially since I don’t already suck.

I threw the idea down pretty quickly, but then I thought about all of my favorite webcomics. Most of them didn’t start out like how they draw now. In fact, they started out perhaps a step below where I am at now. And now they write/draw comics for a living.

Now, I already do a lot of things that are time consuming. Writing. Ukulele. Gaming. Reading. Crocheting. Jewelry. The internet.

Don’t give me that look. The internet counts!

It all adds up.

But I began thinking again. An hour. What’s an hour a week? I already do maybe 15-20 minutes. And while I am pretty social, and I tend to get on kicks when I get really into writing or playing music…an hour isn’t that bad.

So, I took back my thought process when Catherine said we should draw something once a week from a prompt. And I am going to purchase Art Academy: Lessons for Everybody on the 3DS. And I will be using Flipnote Studio 3D to make things like this:

Since I can't share via Miiverse, here is me playing with #FlipnoteStudio

A post shared by Miss Mallory (@totokitty) on

For something I got completely for free, Flipnote is super fun. It can seem time consuming, and I do wish you could put a page between pages you’ve already created, and I really wish you could post them on Miiverse, but it is a fun game to play with.

So, as if I don’t already have enough things to do in my life, shutting myself down from doing something I’ve always wanted to do won’t make me any better. And who knows? Maybe I’ll be drawing Cullen comics before I know it.

Either way, this is actually pretty exciting. I’ve always had ideas for comics, but I’ve never felt confident enough to just…make one. I always end up becoming particularly envious of another’s talents, which leads to me sighing while looking off into the distance like I’m missing a lover.

If only…

Really, this will be fantastic. I can’t complain about not having skills if I don’t at least attempt!

And I don’t completely suck.


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