Miss Mallory Meredith's Misinterpretations and Follies (Obscenities Included!)

Nineteen Days

July 1st. You know what that means.

No one likes your attitude.

No, it means that if I am not currently halfway through my list of things to get done before I leave, I don’t deserve to have a smooth trip for my months I am in the UK/NZ.

I am done with my garage sale, which gave me enough money to start my trip off with some decent cash in hand, as well as three days of practicing my uke between people purchasing my clothes. I am, however, still waiting patiently for someone to purchase my Jeep, ol’ Blooregard. She’s doing her best, but I am getting fearful that she won’t sell for what she’s worth, which means I won’t make my way to New Zealand as I hoped.

I’ve been crossing my fingers, sending out good vibes, even praying. I’m a believer that what is supposed to happen will, but I am also a believer that there should be a way to set your cards the way you want them to work out.

No, not cheating. Just…tipping the scales a bit more my direction because I really, really, really, really, REALLY want it to work out to my benefit. Like, a lot.

Not the Alot monster.

There is still this weird vibe that wavers between, “Meh, I’ve got time.” and “THERE’S NO TIME OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGG.” Most of my time has been dedicated to making sure that my items are packed away, and making secondary plans in case I need to figure out where my other items will go if my parents decide to downsize while my brother and I are off gallivanting halfway across the world.

Yeah, in case I haven’t mentioned, my brother is currently in South Korea and will be trekking around China and Thailand for a few months while I maneuver my way across Scotland/Ireland/Spain/New Zealand. I think some people are wondering if our parents did something wrong…

While I continue to rethink my second suitcase needs (I cannot seem to shrink down the amount of shirts I’ll be taking over–I’m officially a stereotypical traveling American), I also have been slowly adding games to my Surface Pro 3 on Steam. Mostly while my parents aren’t looking.

The other day, I saw that Dragon Age: Origins was only $6.59 with all of the DLC.

“Oo!” I exclaimed, already clicking on the link. “What luck!”

“What’s that?” my mum asked.

“Oh, Dragon Age is cheap right now!”

“Mallory, you’re going on a six month trek across the UK. I don’t think you’ll be needing to download any games.”

“Of course I don’t need it,” I said, pretending I wasn’t interested in the deal any longer, but actually typing in my credit card information at light speed. “I already own it. Just not on my PC.”

I messaged my friends about the deal.

“Oops!” I typed out. “Guess this is now a thing I bought.”

I am sure my mother is shaking her head as she reads this, but come on. You never know when the mood will strike to romance Alistair. Priorities, people.

So. Many. Priorities.

I am keeping things pretty simple on the Surface Pro since I am unsure of its full capabilities (I am aware of some friends that have played WoW perfectly fine, as well as Counter Strike, so that is a good sign, but what about Elder Scrolls Online?), but I want to get a combination of casual/quick playing games, intricate games, as well as something I could binge on if I’m stuck on a train for a day.

I don’t want to be stuck on a train for a day, but I would do it as I would love to take a train somewhere. I have never been on a train before. I love the idea of a train ride. I think because I have seen too many historical films of ladies riding trains while looking wistfully out their windows for their future.

Looking for drama in your life? Add a rainy window. BOOM. Drama.

I’ve been doing my best to get games for my n3DS, too, but, hey, fun fact — good games on the 3DS keep their value and more if they’re used. This has the added bonus of buying all of the games as DLC, which means less hassle, but every penny adds up.

I made sure to have a few Phoenix Wright games. I’m into Picross, so I purchased a few of the newer ones beyond Mario’s and 3D.

I’ve been playing Animal Crossing, but I assume my town will be going to shit after my trek since I won’t be playing it for six weeks. The way that game is set up, I have a feeling they will be guilting me into next Tuesday for abandoning my people, which is why I am afraid to ever reload my GameCube version. I’ve been faithfully playing New Leaf since I got it for my last gift from Nintendo before they ended their rewards program. Just 20 minutes a day keeps the Resetti monster away!

The ones I am most happy with are my Zelda games. I can get new games all I want, but Zelda is like wrapping myself in a warm blanket in front of the fireplace with popcorn and…well, a Zelda game. It’s home. I have a feeling that they will be quite useful no matter where I go.

I found a copy of Phantom Hourglass about a month ago. While all Zelda games play similarly, I always adore the different features they add due to the new technology. Now, I know this game isn’t new, but I am still thrilled at how they used the DS interactively, and am surprised they didn’t continue to use some of these features in the newer games. Like Wind Waker, for instance — writing on the maps was so damn useful in Phantom Hourglass, it would have been fantastic to have that feature in Wind Waker HD. After all, they did upgrade a lot of the other stuff. Inscribing could have been used in LBW, as well.

Dude, I would have been all for using the mic in LBW, too! People seem irritated when you have to use that stuff, but I always found it creative and more immersing, despite breaking the fourth wall.

Either way, it’s been enjoyable going through that since I hadn’t played since college, which was on a friend’s DS as I couldn’t afford a handheld at that time. It’s as adorable as I remember, and while I meant to keep it for my trip, I simply couldn’t put it down. I wish there had been Street Pass back then as I feel there would have been endless opportunities there.

Can we also talk about, real quick, how terrible that salvage arm for finding treasure is?! I mean, now I am a pro, but I was about ready to throw my pen across the room for the first ten times I used it, especially since by the time I got any treasure, it was all the rupees I had to repair it.

It doesn’t make fucking sense anyway–you move the arm around and only the claw–not the chain–hitting the live bombs hurt it?! OKAY.

Between my eight Zelda games and Crypt of the NecroDancer, I should be pretty stellar. I’m hopeful to get to play my DA:Inquisition before I leave, and to get one last late night of playing Mario Kart 8 with my friends, but time is shooting by so quickly, I’m unsure if that is possible. I’ve barely set up any of my consoles, let alone my PC, and I only really have two weeks left since I’ll be going to the cities this week for the Weird Al concert, the last hurrah I bought myself ages ago when I figured I should go out with a VIP bang.

The bonus is that a friend of mine started working at a sweet company called Leaping Tiger. The app allows me to see who is playing what locally. That means I could possibly jump on board with people who have checked into games, which then also allows me to make even more friends as I travel. Win-Win.

Gods, I actually hope I could play Elder Scrolls on my Surface Pro 3. That’d be hardcore.



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