Miss Mallory Meredith's Misinterpretations and Follies (Obscenities Included!)

New Blood

I am currently at the airport and seeing whether I can post something within thirty minutes because I get forty-five minutes free wifi at my airport, but I used fifteen of it to update my Facebook so people knew my phone is dead to the world unless they have an iPhone, too.


The past few days have gone by in the flurry.

Two days ago, I was packing my bag (the ongoing process that I legit didn’t finish until this past midnight) and suddenly got it in my head that my passport was missing. This caused an upheaval of insanity as I unpacked the rest of my packed items that were to go in storage. I had placed it in a white on black polka dot daily journal I’d stopped writing in the day I bought my ticket for Scotland. Because I’m a writing heathen like that.

After emptying baskets of clothing, bags, books, and debating about opening the walls of my room to see if it had somehow moved in with the insulation, I found it near my lamp at my bed.

I’d officially lost my mind.

My friends Jesse and Sarah came to visit me, and we drank wine, played games, and watched the semi-terrible monster film Grabbers. It wasn’t at all scary. But there were some very hilarious scenes. We stayed up late, falling asleep to The Lego Movie.

And then, yesterday, I got my period, because the gods have a sense of humor. Oh, you’re going on a flight for ten hours where you’ll already feel disgusting and too close to others?


Beyond my body shedding yet another unused egg, I am actually doing quite okay with this whole process. I’ve gone overseas before for six months. It was just different since I was going for school. I had a more intense plan, in a more controlled area. Now, I am leaving and don’t really have any plan beyond my trek itself.

Which I properly began freaking out about when I decided to look up a bunch of blogs that spoke about what one should bring on their trip. And I realized I didn’t have half that stuff. Like a washing bag for clothes. Bed bug spray. And sanity.


I began rethinking my bags immediately.

But apparently not enough because my larger bag that is staying at Karyn’s place in Scotland while I run around was eight kilos over the limit. As we started to pile some of the weight into my second bag, I began to think to myself of how American I really am. I may be leaving for six months, but do I really need four dresses, three shorts, two capris, ten shirts, Winter and Fall jacket, AND extra paper to send my friends a slew of cards?

I got rid of the extra paper to send my friends notes and everything else stayed.

What can I say? I’m really good at shifting the weight in my bags to make my selfish, American dreams stay true.

At least I am willing to admit it.

I have a feeling that my mind will be changed as I continue my new journey. I know that at least ten pounds of my items won’t be coming back with me as there are gifts I’m giving to my host, some of my clothes won’t be worth bringing back after all of the hiking, etc. But I also think that I could see myself getting rid of a lot of things because I’ll see the light of how materialistic my lifestyle really is, despite my protests. I’ve always said that I have tons of books and video games, but that was the extent of items I have.

No. I’m a hoarder. I think I need things I don’t need. I often buy things I don’t need. I keep items I don’t need.

I apparently need some new blood to course through my life right now. And my body is already way ahead of me.


Now, I’m off to check my n3DS to see if I have any street passes. I have never traveled internationally with newer technology, just my box of a laptop eight years ago. I’m excited to see what will happen!


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