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The thing about Spain is that it isn’t France.

I don’t mean this in a terrible way. Except that I do. In a sense.


The Pyreness Of Self Loooooove

When I woke up the next day, it felt odd to know I’d been so tired that I couldn’t remember hearing anyone getting ready for their walk. Apparently, my body had been exhausted enough to acknowledge that their noises was nothing out of the ordinary. I couldn’t even remember if I’d woken up at all that night, which was rare enough in of itself.

The One Where Mallory Walks 48k In One Day

For Valerie’s birthday, Kath and I wanted to plan something fun. I went hunting for candles in the grocery outside our gite, while Katherine searched for champagne. After much discussion and worry of whether we’d have enough to share with everyone, we ended up buying three bottles of champagne and an extra bottle of wine.

You know. To be safe.

What The Actual Fuck Was Going On

The next day was when I found out what had actually happened to cause the change in emotions.

It started with when I had left the group a few days prior because everyone sort of left after I did except for Katherine and Ludo.

Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

What The Actual Fuck Is Going On?

Laying in the sun in Eauze was perfect, but I’d been waiting for Katherine for over an hour. I wanted to get back on the trail, start walking before the sun took over and scorched the hell out of anything in its path.

As I put on my left shoe, I saw Katherine walking up the path toward me, alone, grinning.

“I figured you’d be thinking about moving on just about now,” she said. “Came along to make sure you stayed.”


Once I was in Eauze, I sat down at the first cafe I came across, which also happened to be covered in sand to look like a beach. It was perfect as I lay back to bathe in the sun, waiting for the rest of our group to catch up.

I was happy. Katherine was back with us. Ludo had come out a little bit more to show affection when needed. And our numbers has grown just a little bit more.


The day I caught up with Ludo was the day that Katherine got sick on the road. I won’t go into all the gory details, but let’s just say that it is always a good idea to walk with wet wipes you can use on your bum as well as your face.

Yeah. It was that bad.

As such, my leg had been feeling well. When I got into La Romieu, some ten kilometers from where I’d stayed an extra day to let my shin muscle relax, I heard my name being called out and I turned to see Ludo, whom I had figured was at least another ten kilometers ahead as it was 11:30am or so, and he’d claimed to be walking at a thunder speed from that day forth. Whether we could keep up or not was considered our problem. I was excited because this meant I could try to walk with him a bit further before he ran off into the wild.