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I’ll Finish Those Entries Eventually

I have six posts, most of them long, that I never finished nor published since coming back to the states from my adventures overseas.

I have a couple about my hiking and walking, a few about the hard times I’ve had coming back to America, and the last two being attempts to find a general love for life and people when there seems to only be an aggressive hatred for anything that exists. (more…)


Geek Scene Travel Guide: Tips on Meeting Other Gamers


Dragon Made of Pumpkins in Ludwigsburg, Germany Dragon made of pumpkins in Ludwigsburg, Germany

For the past seven months, I have been traveling the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe. I was excited for my new adventure—hellbent on the hiking I’d be doing, as well as the many different sights I’d get to see roaming each town I passed through. There are many pros to traveling on your own, and I was eager to jump on all of them, but a hefty con was the human interaction.

One of the largest myths of gaming, I think, is that gamers have an aversion to social interaction. If that were always true, how are MMOs and co-op gaming some of the most sought-after games? Halo, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and even Mario Kart 8 are all fantastic examples, and that isn’t even getting into board games. And please tell me you’ve heard of San Diego…

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The Deals Aren’t Over Yet: Holiday Rec List of Games on Sale

My first article has been published on FemHype–check it out, especially if you’re looking for new games this winter.


Rise of the Tomb RaiderYou’ve snuggled into bed, the blankets are warm, the pillows are comfy, and the sun is peaking out from under your curtains to warm your face. That’s when you wake up with a gasp because, guess what? Those huge gaming sales you kept telling yourself you’d get to are now over. Now you’re going to have to pay full price, or wait until it goes on sale again, which could be a lifetime.

I may have just been projecting myself onto you. Deadlines have rarely been my friend, and that includes video game sales. I can’t tell you how many times my head has popped up off of my pillow when I realize I couldn’t get that last minute deal on a game I’ve been debating over due to its price simply because I waited too long.

If you’ve missed the sales, too, don’t worry—they’re still about. And there…

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Will Somebody Please Think Of The Computer?!

While the weekend was unsurprisingly busy since the moment I left work, I still managed to throw in a few panicky moments about what I’d be doing with all of my things. Because, as any geek of anything in particular would know, one tends to collect items of your passion. Because, if I do end up moving out of the country, I’m going to need a bigger plan that I originally thought.



This is from a post I did in December 2013. The moment I took control of the wheel, I had to deal with my car almost dying on me and some other financial issues that swept my bank account. Basically, I focused on those things so much I forgot about the blog and just tried to balance out my life. Now, I’m starting the whole project over, and I’ve updated the post to match my age and thought process (not very much).