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The Things I Carried…Was A Bit Excessive

When I first sat myself down to pack my bags for a dual trip, I didn’t pack everything in the pack first. Instead, I decided to see whether I could put my Tetris skills into play by setting out everything I wanted to bring and figured would fit.



And then I’d have to start all over again.



Nineteen Days

July 1st. You know what that means.

No one likes your attitude.


Let’s Get Down To Business

We all waited on bated breath to hear the official news, and here it is: I wasn’t let go from my job, but everyone else and their mom was.

Official Work Persona 


Typical Not-A-Problem Problem

In the many things I have been trying to prepare for my trip, one of them has been WHAT DO I DO WITHOUT VIDEO GAMES.




A friend got me in contact with another lady who basically did what I am about to do (minus the pilgrimage in Spain and Scotland-plus-a-day-in-Dublin side quest). It has actually calmed some of the nerves I was getting, and gotten me to think about things I may not have thought about. And has me thankful for the connections I have with wonderful people to allow me to get to this point.



So, I am a terrible human being when it comes to writing an update when I’ve stopped. I blame small depression waves, but then 2015 came around and I guess my resolution to stop giving any fucks has been working.


Let’s Make Another Investment, People

I’m writing simply for the action to make myself write because I don’t think that if I post now, I will continue to do so. And it was already so hard for me to begin again in the first place. I started this over a month ago.

This is like pulling teeth.

I was in a bit of a depression recently. It started because I re-checked my numbers and found out that I couldn’t make it to New Zealand when I wanted to.